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Foundation : It is the thirst for God that motivated study throughout the years of service in God, through implantation, restoration and a renewal of churches, teaching and training.
The themes are the fruit of learning in biblical theology and simultaneously grass roots ministry experience. 
In the spirit of continual development in theology: a bachelor's degree (2004), a masters (2005), doctoral studies in psychology (2012), and a doctoral degree in theology (2019). Currently a research fellow with a South African university, research and publication of theological writings and an apostolic accompaniment of churches and ministries continue.   


Sources : The module content is the fruit of 25 years of biblical textual exegesis, bringing other texts under the scrutiny of the biblical writings. The resources find their legitimacy in the primacy accorded to the Bible as foundation and critical arbiter.
These modules are designed to teach and equip Christian servants and renewed churches in an international context in Africa, Maghreb, France, UK et elsewhere. They have borne, and continue to, bear fruit. 


To facilitate the diffusion of the teaching:
The teaching is available free of charge, however to sustain the ministry we want to create a culture of generosity and of spiritual responsibility enabling each student to participate financially according to the personal means et in the light of the quality of the teaching provided. 
New teachings and modules are regularly added to develop the themes and add others.  

 Themes founded on three motifs :
biblical theology - ontology - apostolicity

Ontology & Relationships

God in Trinity is profoundly ontological and relational. It is therefore priority to discover the implications for our relationships with God and others. 

Ontology and Church Renewal

Examination of what God says of His Church and the rediscovery of the ontology that defines the nature and experience of the Church of Christ. 

Theology of the the Holy Spirit 

A biblical perspective of the Person, Nature, Trinitarian relationship and Ministry of the Holy Spirit

Mission & Witness

The principal axis : being a 21st century witness, the Kingdom of God, the missionnal impulsions are founded biblically to equip every Christian to live in Christ Jesus in the world. 

Running the race of faith

The important of deepening our understanding of Faith and the implications for life's race towards Christ according to the biblical fathers. Live as an authentic disciple of Jesus the Master

Rooted in God

An exegesis of 1st Peter 5 in order to comprehend the importance the apostle places upon having firm roots in Christ. 

Ontology of life rooted in the Trinity (Malawi Chechewe translation)

A foundation to understand the nature of God in Trinity: being, relating, and operating. Sourced in God-Trinity all of Christian experience is renewed. 

Redemption in Christ

The centrality and significance of Christ's cross, burial, resurrection, ascension, and reign.  

Pressing On: Philippians

An examination of Paul's personal experience and testimony in an agitated and unlikely context. 

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